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Tomasz Jagiello


Physiotherapist / Manual Therapist

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I have been practicing the profession 2007, earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physiotherapy and completing “Physiotherapy in Sports” postgraduate studies Over the years, I have completed more than 30 specialist courses and training in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, with elements of chiropractic and osteopathy techniques.

Tomasz Jagiello physiotherapist

Tomasz Jagiello

I started my physiotherapy journey at Trauma & Orthopaedic and Medical Rehabilitation departments. It was also there that I co-operated with the local football club and ran private mobile physiotherapy services. At the beginning of 2015, I moved to Southampton (UK). Since this time, I have worked for the NHS as a Senior Musculoskeletal physiotherapist and run a private clinic, PhysioCraft (previously known as PhysioPol). My specialisation is based in widely understood dysfunctions of the locomotor system such as pain, restricted range of motion, postural issues, lack of movement control, etc. I am fully registered, accredited and insured.

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PhysioCraft – physiotherapy clinic in Southampton founded in 2007 by Tomasz Jagiello, MSc PT MT MCSP STO. The clinic is trusted by thousands of residents in Southampton and surrounding areas looking for a reputable private physiotherapist.

PhysioCraft has been professionally developed and personally demonstrated. Over the years, we have helped patients gain the mental and physical confidence to pursue their passions. Physiotherapy clinic specialises in helping people of all ages who have been injured, have long-term health concerns, or have a disability that restricts their movement.

If you are wondering, “Where can I find the best physical therapist near me?” You now have the answer. PhysioCraft is more than just a physical therapy clinic—and this is all thanks to our vision and gratitude for the positive impact he is able to make on the lives of his patients.

How to book a physiotherapy appointment with us?

If you are looking for physiotherapy in Southampton or surrounding areas, trust PhysioCraft. What’s more? It is now easier than ever to book a physiotherapy appointment at the PhysioCraft clinic or the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is head over to our booking page and choose your preferred date and time.

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