Back Pain Therapy

Back pain can make life difficult and choosing the right treatment is not easy. Choosing the right treatment plan and exercise is very important. Therefore you can trust PhysioCraft, your physiotherapists in Southampton. We treat the causes of back pain from late and there can be many reasons.

Back Pain Treatment Southampton

This is the most common reason for the presence of a patient in a physiotherapist’s office. It is a heavy burden for people and may exclude them from professional and family life.

It has a multifactorial origin. The cause may be muscle pain, degenerative changes, spine injuries, disc problems, sacroiliac joints. In addition, factors that can cause back pain include a sedentary lifestyle, little or no physical activity, or stress. Overloading leads to the limited movement of the entire spine. That is why it is essential to intervene quickly and make an accurate diagnosis.

Back pain can also be a signal of severe damage; therefore, an appropriate history and clinical examination help to exclude them. Verification of the “red flags” during the interview and functional tests allows the detection of more severe disorders, such as cancer, cauda equina syndrome or myelopathy, in which the patient must be referred to a doctor as soon as possible to implement appropriate diagnostics and treatment.

The most popular techniques used to fight back pain are the McKenzie method, massage, electrotherapy, manual therapy (trigger points, HVLA joint manipulations – the so-called “Setting”).

What is McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie method uses repetitive movements in different directions in examination and treatment. The variability of symptoms is evaluated, which allows determining the location of the cause of the pain. The procedures used provide immediate pain relief.

Scientific research conducted in 2019 by Namnaqani FI. and his team compared and evaluated the effectiveness of the McKenzie method versus manual therapy (MT) in the treatment of patients with chronic lower back pain. The effectiveness of the McKenzie method in reducing pain in patients has been proven, and the patient’s functioning improved compared to manual therapy (MT).

The guidelines of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggest that chronic back pain treatment (CLBP) should be effectuated as soon as possible because patient education and the selection of activities according to their preferences allows for faster recovery and reduce the chances of later complications.

Most of the current scientific research proves that regular physical activity and rehabilitation exercises combined with physical therapy give the best results and prognosis for the future.

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Alternative ways to relieve back pain - effective rehabilitation

Various treatments can be used to treat patients with chronic back pain:
  • Electrotherapy – a phosotherapist uses healing currents of variable or constant nature. It has many varieties – iontophoresis, galvanization, TENS currents. These methods are used both in the case of chronic and acute pain in the lumbar spine and in the rest of the spine.
  • Magnetotherapy – it is especially effective in the treatment of degenerative back pain. Treatment with a magnetic field can take place in the office and at the patient’s home.
  • Ultrasounds – ultrasound treatment is also dedicated to degenerative spine pain. In addition to the analgesic effect, muscle tension is reduced, blood vessels are dilated and the development of inflammation is inhibited.
  • Hydrotherapy – hydrotherapy is especially recommended during rehabilitation stays and is often accompanied by spa treatments. Treatment of back pain with this method is very effective.
  • Vibrations – vibration massages are gaining more and more popularity in the scientific community and are used in the fight against back pain in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.
  • Massage – manual therapy is the use of trigger points, i.e. pressure on places of increased pain. It is successfully used in the treatment of chronic back pain syndromes. It is often combined with a vibration massage.

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Treatment of back pain - the effectiveness of vibrotherapy

For vibration treatment, mats, massagers or mattresses that work locally or generally are used. The effect of vibrotherapy in the treatment of various types of back pain is most often explained as inhibiting the activity of neurons in the spinal cord. Thanks to this, the pain signals that are sent by the C-type fibers are reduced, causing tearing, jerking, or throbbing and difficult to locate pain. As a result of treatments using micro-vibrations, the intensity of acute pain was reduced by 88% and the intensity of chronic pain by 50%.
Correct diagnosis related to pain ailments prevents the further worsening of the disease. There is no doubt that the lack of physical activity and working in a sitting position contribute to injuries to the joints of the spine and back muscles. If you are tired of pains in the lower back or spine pains in the thoracic section, and the current treatment is not effective, we invite you to consult us.
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