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Magnetic Therapy in Southampton

The use of magnets in alternative therapies is becoming popular day by day. In the past, the role of magnets for healing or pain reduction was considered controversial but, with time, several kinds of research proved its effectiveness in pain management.

Pulse electronic magnetic field therapy is a completely safe and non-invasive therapy used for pain relief and has anti-inflammatory effects. It is used in combination with physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy, and other rehabilitation therapies.

Physiocraft is offering magnetic therapy in Southampton for managing the musculoskeletal or neurological pain of the patients. The equipment includes full-body mats and localized pads.

Pads or probs are used in the therapy and magnetic waves are applied to the targeted areas. The treatment duration may vary from a few minutes to hours depending upon the condition of the patients.

This therapy also helps to improve blood circulation and absorb different nutrients in the body which helps in quick recovery from soft tissue injuries.

The role of pulse electronic magnetic field therapy is considered effective in bone healing after fractures. Magnetic therapy helps in the formation of bony callus by stimulating the growth of bone-forming cells, which are osteoblasts.

In this technique, therapy magnets are used that create a magnetic field around the targeted area and it promotes healing and increases overall wellness.

Magnetic therapy is also of great effectiveness in soft-tissue overuse injuries like sprains and strains. These are the complaints usually found in athletes and military recruits.

Magnetic treatment for back pain is being used for a long time in different areas around the globe. The mechanism behind this is the stimulation of muscles and nerves by magnetic waves that helps to relieve or modulate pain. In other words, Magnetic field therapy or magnetotherapy provides energy to the body to enhance its healing capacity.

The most common effects of magnetic therapy are as follows:

  • Increased circulation

  • Relaxation of muscles

  • Faster bone healing after a fracture

  • Improvement in restricted mobility of the joints

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased energy levels on a cellular level

The magnetic field provides the energy required for the healing of musculoskeletal and neurological issues.

It increases the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is an energy-carrying molecule, that is used for the transportation of essential ions and minerals in and out of the cells eventually, promoting healing and growth.

This energy is used as fuel by the muscles which ultimately reduces fatigue and muscle spasms. That is why magnetic therapy can be used for the whole body or at any particular area via spot applicators. In simple words, magnetic therapy charges our body like a battery is charged by a charger to work for hours without getting tired or drained.

Magnetic field therapy shows greater effectiveness when used in combination with low-level laser therapy. After stimulating the targeted area with magnetic waves and with proper physical therapy exercise sessions, the patient feels much relieved from the previous pain. Several patients showed reduced visual analog pain scores after the first session of treatment with magnetotherapy along with physiotherapy exercises.

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