Elderly Rehabilitation Southampton

Health-related issues can happen at any point, especially in our senior years. That’s why it’s important to understand what elderly physiotherapy looks like. As we get older, we need more medical care, which also means Southampton elderly rehabilitation from time to time.

About elderly rehabilitation

You start to come up against some limitations when you reach your advanced years. So, in turn, rehabilitation takes on a more specialised approach designed to keep those restricting factors in mind. However, the same positive results can still occur, especially if you’ve just undergone surgery or other medical procedures. It can also be used to help with managing chronic conditions.

What are the benefits of Elderly Rehabilitation?

There are similar plus-points as one would receive with regular rehabilitation. These are an improvement in physical functioning and overall pain management. It can also support reconditioning and enhance general movement and body mechanics through several curated sessions with our elderly rehabilitation platform in our Southampton location.

It can also help with independence and an overall better quality of life for elderly people, as the rehab will help ensure motor functions remain the best as they can be. This means less dependency on others and living a much more fulfilling life. This will lead to better mental functioning and being able to cope with situations through the use of problem-solving skills. You will feel stronger, healthier and younger, and most importantly, many who do rehabilitation will feel less pain.

Are there any specialised rehabilitation options for the Elderly?

For this, we start with the format of regular rehabilitation but tweak it to assist with the individual’s current health condition in the mind and body. That means getting a much more curated approach to the therapy that will yield more optimal results. With this, there are no restrictions; we cover everything from physical therapy to occupational and speech-language therapy. Other types of treatment, such as shockwave (ESWT) therapy, is also an excellent option for elderly people.

It all starts with a proper assessment at our Southampton rehab clinic to see the best course of action for you and a treatment plan. Based on the outcome, we will also adjust any rehabilitation plan we’ve prescribed to you so it fits you in the best way.

We come to you when you need us

Not only that, but you can consider using our home-based services as well, especially at the beginning of your rehabilitation program. Care home physiotherapy is an excellent option with our Southampton senior rehabilitation offering.

Being in your place during rehab sessions can provide additional privacy and comfort for you on your recovery journey. It’s also a great convenience meant to ensure that you are starting your therapy and rehabilitation.

Some more areas to consider

Do consider us for help with those who are in the hospital or recently have had a hospital discharge. Elderly Physio is there to help those who have suffered from falls and helps with fall prevention as well. This happens through balance techniques and balance classes at the core of Southampton elderly physiotherapy at our clinic.

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