At PhysioCraft, we can provide number of various treatment options, including hands-on manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and advance modalities, such as Ultrasound, Laser, Magnetic and Elecro therapy.

Physiotherapy treatment

assessment patient in clinic

Assessment and examination

Introduction and key to successful therapy. Having identified an issue properly, there are better prospects for tackling the problem.

Physiotherapist use sipnal therapy on patient back

Back pain treatment

One of the most common human body conditions; it could be caused by multiple factors: trauma, posture, work. Sometimes, it can trigger pain radiating to the legs, called sciatica.

physiotherapist applaying manual therapy on lady

Manual therapy

A broad spectrum of hands-on techniques provided by a skilled therapist will ease muscle tension, restore body movement and relieve pain.

manual therapy

Joints adjustment

Mobilisations and manipulations purely to release limited or stiff joints, to turn the head further while driving, or reach the sweet shelf in the kitchen.

physiotherapist massage patient head


Depending on the need, it could be superficial and mild for relaxation purposes or deep and intense to tense the muscles and prepare them for more demanding activities.

Sport injury treatment

Sport injury management

"Sport is health", as they say until you get injured whilst doing your favourite activity. Individualised management will help you return to your best shape in the shortest time possible.

physiotherapist is applying tape on patient knee


Elastic tapes that have been made to imitate the elasticity of human skin help to increase or decrease muscle tension, stabilise a painful joint or provide neuro-muscular feedback.

physiotherapist show women how to do PNF therapy with stretching tape

Rehabilitation exercises

By doing home exercises set you are in control of your symptoms, you have tools to combat your pain and will be able to maintain the effects of physiotherapist’s treatment.

physiotherapist exam patient posture

Ortho appliances

Tailored to the patient's needs, whether they need a comfortable pillow, ankle support, knee brace or more advanced equipment, such as corsets for spinal fractures.

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