What I do

PhysioCraft – Tomasz Jagiello. Your personal physiotherapist in Southampton. Passionate about physiotherapy and helping people. 

What I do

I have been dealing with professional rehabilitation and physiotherapy for over a dozen years. I work with trauma patients suffering from chronic pain, work- or sport-induced overload and convalescents recovering after operations and serious diseases, such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease. With the knowledge and expertise gained during my medical studies, the completed specialised courses and everyday practice have taught me that an appropriate and professional approach can improve both the body and the quality of life.

Detailed conditions treated

Sports Injury

Including prevention of injuries and traumas; treatment of injuries resulting from doing sports, control of the effects of training methods used


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That including after stroke, in multiple sclerosis, in Parkinson's disease, in the spinal cord or peripheral nerve injuries


Including verticalisation, keeping the elderly in a functional state

Manual lymphatic drainage

post-traumatic/lymphatic oedemata, conditions after surgery and mastectomy


Including spine and peripheral joints pain syndromes, rehabilitation of work-related injuries, mobility limitation and other mobility problems


Including conditions after ligament reconstruction, arthroscopy, arthroplasty of the hip and shoulder joint, in spine pain, after fractures, distortions, sprains, post-traumatic disorders

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