Bioptron Light Therapy in Southampton

PhysioCraft, a physiotherapy specialist, offers Bioptron Light Therapy in Southampton and the Hampshire area. In my office I use the most modern devices that are completely safe and effective in the treatment of many diseases.

Bioptron Light Therapy in Southampton‚Äč

Light therapy is being used for the treatment of several skin and musculoskeletal conditions for many years. One of the types of therapeutic light is BIOPTRON light therapy.

Light waves stimulate the light-sensitive receptors in your skin and has bio-stimulative features. Biostimulation means that it stimulates biological processes in the body which ultimately help in regeneration of body tissues and healing. The effects of these waves are not limited to a specific area and they may affect the body as a whole.

The equipment consists of a device with an optical unit that emits light similar to sunlight but do not have any ultraviolet radiations. The procedure is very safe and has no risks. The device emits the beam of light at the targeted area and a series of chain reactions start at the cellular level where anti-inflammatory and regenerating processes occur.

How long does the light therapy take?

The treatment is 3-15minutes long and 6-12 treatment sessions are recommended every one or two days intervals. Most patients gain good results just after a few sessions. Overall treatment and the number of sessions required depend on the condition of the patient and the type of injury. This therapy is most commonly used in conjuction with other electrical modalities, fascia mobilization and kinesio-taping for achieving better outcomes.

Bioptron light therapy is very effective and helps in the treatment of several conditions like:

  • Chronic Pain

  • Wounds & Scars

  • Acne & Psoriasis

  • Sports Injuries

  • Arthritis

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Bioptron lamp therapy in skin diseases

Chromotherapy with the bioptron lamp in the treatment of skin damage and diseases is one of the most important elements of this form of treatment. The bioptron lamp can be successfully used at home, after consulting a specialist. With the help of light irradiation of the bioptron lamp, it is possible to heal skin cuts caused by various factors, such as burns, abrasions or cuts.

Chromotherapy bioptron accelerates regeneration processes also in the case of deep and extensive wounds, additionally reducing the risk of large and disfiguring scars. This light treatment method is also effective against acne, AZP, psoriasis and viral herpes.

Bioptron lamp - indications for lamp irradiation

The high biological activity of UV radiation used by specialized equipment that I use in the office makes the lamp anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The stimulation of the immune system promotes wound healing. The effects of polarized light therapy are also visible in the case of arterial hypertension.

Certain treatments using polarized light can mitigate the effects of psychiatric disorders. In this case, phototherapy is implemented, which consists in irradiating the patient’s eyes, which should last at least a few weeks.

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Contraindications to the treatment with the use of bioptron light

Bioptron lamps, like most other devices used in medicine, are associated with contraindications to its use. This treatment method cannot be used by pregnant women after the second trimester. In addition, in the case of neoplastic diseases, it is obligatory to consult a doctor, as in people with an implanted pacemaker. Due to the need for precautionary measures, polarized light therapy is not performed also in the case of:

  • diseases accompanied by high fever,
  • people with epilepsy,
  • thyroid or diabetic crisis,
  • tuberculosis.

The role of bioptron is just not limited to the above-mentioned conditions. It is also used for anti-aging purposes and its regular use enhances the immunity of the body. It helps in the regeneration of the skin tissue at the skin graft donor sites. It is also safe for pregnant ladies and can also be used on the eyes for conditions like conjunctivitis.

Conditions like ankle sprains, elbow epicondylitis, skin tuberculosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome have been treated successfully using Bioptron therapy. The data of published research show that the bioptron is effective for many medical conditions and is being used all over the world.

A recent study showed the effectiveness of bioptron in patients with acute ankle sprains.

Another study suggested the use of bioptron for the management of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Do you have questions related to Bioptron therapy? Physiocraft is offering Bioptron therapy in Southampton using state-of-the-art equipment. Feel free to get in touch and clear your queries.

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