Here in PhysioCraft, we can offer physiotherapy sessions in clinic and home visits. First assessment and treatment session is mandatory for new starters, as it is gateway to more advanced treatment options.

What appears to be a severe injury disqualifying you from work
and making your life unbearable may be reversed – thanks to rehabilitation, choosing the right therapy and cooperation with a physiotherapist.

From one visit to the next, you will see the pain disappear and your will to live return. Sometimes more time is needed; at times, a change of lifestyle is necessary. Remember that each case is different. It is our joint task.

How the visit looks like

Physiotherapy home visit in Southampton

Home Visit

Some patient prefer to have a treatment in their safe haven, and surely this is something that can be accommodated

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Physiocraft first visit

First Visit

In most cases, the first visit includes both assessment and treatment.

The physiotherapist will gather relevant information, run a physical examination, explain the most probable source of the problem, provide you with advice on how to manage your condition, do hands-on treatment, and give you a personally tailored exercise plan.

This visit lasts 1 hour, and the cost is £80.

Follow-up Visit

Having assessed the patient’s condition, the session is dedicated to the treatment itself.

Manual therapy is provided on painful joints and soft tissues, taping is applied, and further exercises prescribed. It lasts 40 minutes, and the cost is £60.

Physiocraft follow-up visit


Modalities of choice, that are having scientifically proven effectivity for Musculo-skeletal problems, tailored for the patient condition and needs:

  • Ultrasound
  • Electro therapy
  • Laser
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Bioptron lamp

The recommended amount of sessions for maximum benefit counts 8-12x sessions.

Fee for one treatment £40

Physiocraft follow-up visit

Physiotherapy Visit Offer

1st choice

1x First visit+ 5 follow-ups £285 £250

2nd choice

10 sessions of three modalities to choose £450 £400

Free session

10th follow - up session gratis

Free home visit

8th home visit gratis.

*Kinesio-taping included in session fee.

*Resistive bands included in session fee.

*Free hot drinks and traditional Polish sweets.

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