Physiotherapist in Bitterne, Southampton

Are you in search of experienced, knowledgeable physiotherapist in Bitterne that could help you manage your mobility and relieve pain? Look no further than PhysioCraft, a best-in-class clinic combining cutting-edge technology and unrivalled expertise to give your body the healing and restoration it deserves.

Personalised therapies that work wonders

Applying a suitable, time-tested therapy is crucial to effectively treating the problem. Our physiotherapists in Bitterne take pride in offering an array of innovative therapies that not only help you recover from chronic conditions but also transform your overall physical health. We first diagnose the nature of your issue and then use state-of-the-art equipment to perform the procedure with extraordinary precision. From laser, shockwave, magnetic, ultrasound, and bioptron light to manual therapy, we’re committed to bringing comfort back into your life.

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Joints adjustment like none other

Having stiff joints means your spinal motion isn’t performing to the fullest, making it highly challenging for you to do your daily tasks. Our trained physiotherapists in Bitterne don’t just adjust the pain –we identify the root cause of the stiffness and apply controlled, sudden force to restore the natural movement of the joints. We’re also well-versed in different methods, including Ackermann, Cyriax, and Mulligan and can fully cater to all kinds of issues, no matter how complex. Count on us to go from pain to performance in no time. 

Massage therapies that bring a new kind of comfort

From making you leave your stress behind to improving blood circulation and rejuvenating muscles, our massage therapies will uncover a whole new world of benefits. Our unique strength lies in customising each session to your unique condition and aligning your mind, heart, and body with appropriate techniques. Whether it’s a sports massage to help you with your injuries, a deep tissue massage to alleviate adhesion, or a relaxing massage to eliminate anxiety, our physiotherapy clinic in Bitterne, Southampton is here to make a real difference. 

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Sport injury management to maximise your potential

Playing your favourite sport is exciting, but things take an ugly turn when an injury comes in your way of enjoying those moments. Our aim is to help you recover from the injury fast and empower your movement –so you can get back in the game with a bang. But how do we achieve it? We first assess the severity of the injury, reduce the swelling through appropriate techniques (lymphatic drainage, irradiation, bioptron, etc.), and modify the movement patterns to ensure a fast recovery. For us, helping you meet your athletic goals isn’t a job –it’s a commitment that gets stronger with interaction. 

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Why Choose Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Bitterne, Southampton

17 Years of Experience

With over 17 years of experience managing motor problems of every type, we’ve done it all. From back pain and joint problems to injuries and everything in between, we are your go-to partner for relieving what comes your way.

Personalised Plans

We aren’t your average clinic utilising one-size-fits-all, generic treatment options. Everything will be laser-targeted to your unique condition and delivered in a way that truly transforms your well-being.

Mobile Visits

Don’t want to visit our clinic? Not a problem! We’re all about offering you peace of mind and we can come to your home to assess and treat your condition. You’ll also save a lot on travel this way.
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