Physiotherapy in Sholing, Southampton

Expert physiotherapist in Sholing, Southampton, dedicated to easing discomfort and enhancing mobility. Providing tailored treatments based on evidence-backed methods for optimal recovery. Let’s embark on your journey to improved well-being.

Transforming Lives, One Physiotherapy Session at a Time.

Reduce pain, improve movement, and enhance muscle strength with our reliable physiotherapists in Sholing, Southampton. We are licensed and registered health professionals who treat injuries and conditions that reduce movement. Our goal is to improve your quality of life using a holistic approach that not only addresses physical aspects of well-being but also your emotional, psychological, and social life.

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Manual Therapy

Are you recovering from a recent injury or surgical procedure? Maybe you are carrying a condition that frequently causes you aches and pain? Either way, having manual therapy sessions with us can significantly improve your condition. In case you didn’t know, manual therapy is a non-invasive, effective way to get rid of conditions that cause frequent pain. It doesn’t involve any harmful drugs or surgical intervention. Just a variety of techniques that work to move ligaments, tendons, and joints in a way that promotes pain relief and healing. Our physiotherapists in Sholing are highly trained professional who understand both your condition and limitations of your body. Many of our patients experience noticeable relief after just one manual therapy session.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Nowadays, many people don’t realise the value of their lifestyles and routines and how they affect their overall health. These two factors play a critical role in how your body is shaped and what ailments you may suffer later on. This is especially true for people who carry vehicle accident or sports injuries. If you do not learn how to properly move your body, you will never achieve the results you desire. At PhysioCraft, we help people who are carrying injuries mentioned above with stretching and rehab exercises so they can achieve optimal movement. When you book a session with us, we will teach you workouts that can be done at home to keep your body healthy and in shape.

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Ortho Appliances

Orthopaedic appliances are unique devices that align, correct, or protect various parts of the body, particularly injured or deformed ones. They come in various forms and materials, each serving a specific purpose depending on the user’s needs. For example, if you have an unstable body part due to fracture, sprain, or tendon injury, you may be recommend splints. They are made of plastic or metal and are modified to fit the affected area comfortably. At PhysioCraft, we provide all types of ortho appliances to support your body. Our physiotherapists in Sholing, Southampton also understand that living with these appliances is not easy. Therefore, we provide personalised care to help you overcome challenges that come with using ortho appliances.

Laser Therapy

Lasers were first invented by Gordon Gould in 1958. They have been used in the physiotherapy field for over four decades. Their main use in physiotherapy is to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and promote healing. At PhysioCraft, we offer high power and low power laser therapy to treat both acute and chronic pain. The procedure is generally safe and non-invasive. Although you will feel the laser device contacting your skin, there will be no pain, vibrations, or heat to be felt. Only the body tissues in the affected area will absorb the light, which will result in the damaged tissues healing themselves. At the end of the procedure, you will feel reduction in pain, inflammation, and healing time.

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Why Choose Our Physiotherapists in Sholing

We Are Realistic

Some conditions are difficult to cure, while others don’t have a cure. At PhysioCraft, we remain realistic with patients and don’t create and promote unrealistic expectations in them.

We Work Patiently

The treatment duration not only depends on patient’s condition but also on their level of motivation. Therefore, our physiotherapists in Sholing remain calm and collected when working with all kinds of patients.

Our Determination is Unmatched

We are always ready to take on new cases and stay motivated. Even when patients are struggling to stay on track, we stay focused on our job and remain determined to help them heal.
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